Services that we provide are:

  • Bed Bug Inspections ​are done for homeowners and tenants who are not sure if they have bed bugs but are getting bites that they suspect may be bed bug related. Since not even a dermatologist can determine what insect is biting you. Having a experienced professional to come check your home or apartment is key to treating for bed bugs. We perform visual inspections as we find these are much more accurate then any other type of inspection. We do charge an inspection fee, but that fee gets put toward the treatment if you do have bed bugs. 

  • Bed Bug Treatments are done for homeowners in staten island who know they have bed bugs. We ask for you to send us a photo of the bed bug prior to treating so we know you are 100% a victim of bed bugs. Please call us 347.946.1005 for a over the phone quote. You are not alone with this issue. If you feel upset or stressed please read below for some resources we have provided for victims of bed bugs.

Resources and information about bed bugs in staten island:

NYC Bed bug registry: The bed bug registry is a great place for homeowners and tenants to search their address. If your address pops up on the bed bug registry it means that there may have been a bed bug issue in your place at one time.  An online forum for those who are currently suffering with bed bugs, professionals who treat for bed bugs and people who have bed bug success stories.

NYC.GOV (TENANTS): NYC's website about bed bugs. Here you can learn about bed bugs, what you should do if your a tenant if you have bed bugs and general information about bed bugs in staten island.

CDC ABOUT BED BUGS: The center of disease control has provided a great website about bed bugs. You will get an education on them and what your steps should be. 

Since we only treat Staten island bed bug issues, heres a great exterminator we recommend who treats bed bugs in brooklyn.

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